When are auditions?

Yearly online auditions are required for participation in all ensembles, excluding Suzuki Strings.

The second round of auditions will be held from August 1st, 2020 to August 17th, 2020. Students will be notified of their audition results by August 24th, 2020. (Note: A student must be registered before receiving their audition result.)

The audition materials below are for the 2020-21 season.

What is the audition format?

Students will submit a video of their playing. The video must include the following:

  • Required scales.
  • Required excerpts.
  • Solo piece demonstrating a student's ability.

For more details, please refer to the individual ensemble requirements listed below.

2020-21 Ensemble Audition Materials (available as of February 29, 2020)

There are no audition materials/auditions required for students interested in Suzuki Strings because it is an entry-level class. For more information about each of our six ensembles, CLICK HERE.


Why does the MMYO hold its ensemble auditions online?

  • Many music schools and ensembles require online auditions – for example, students who choose to pursue music in college will be asked to submit video recordings in addition to or instead of live auditions.
  • Allowing students to video record their audition relieves some of the performance anxiety that students may feel with a live audition.
  • Providing students with a large window of time during which they can submit their video recording gives them more freedom and flexibility, as opposed to requiring them to audition live on one specific day.
  • Holding all auditions online makes it possible for all instructors to review each student’s audition.


Audition Results

All results from the second round of auditions will be emailed to students by Monday, August 24, 2020.

There are three possible outcomes of an audition submission:

  1. Student qualifies for and is accepted into desired ensemble.
  2. Student is very close to qualifying for desired ensemble.
    • There are two possible options in this scenario:
      •  1. If the student auditions in the spring, the instructor can give comments and encourage the student to re-audition during the second round of auditions in the fall.
      •  2. If the student auditions in the fall, the instructor can give comments and encourage the student to re-audition before the second semester.
        • *The student may be asked to participate in both the desired ensemble and alternate ensemble for the first semester.
  3. Student does not qualify for desired ensemble and is asked to participate in an alternate ensemble.
    • *To facilitate fair and accurate seat placement, the student must record and submit a video of the alternate ensemble’s excerpt list.