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Yearly online auditions are required for participation in all ensembles, excluding Suzuki Strings. There are two rounds of auditions: one in May-June for all returning students, and a second round in July-August, primarily for new students.

Why does the MMYO hold its ensemble auditions online?

  • Many music schools and ensembles require online auditions – for example, students who choose to pursue music in college will be asked to submit video recordings in addition to or instead of live auditions.
  • Allowing students to video record their audition relieves some of the performance anxiety that students may feel with a live audition.
  • Providing students with a large window of time during which they can submit their video recording gives them more freedom and flexibility, as opposed to requiring them to audition live on one specific day.
  • Holding all auditions online makes it possible for all instructors to review each student’s audition.


What should I include in my online audition? 

Your video should include the following materials, in this order:

  1. Required scales for the ensemble of your choice
  2. Required excerpts for the ensemble of your choice
  3. One excerpt from a solo piece of your choice, from any style (e.g. Baroque, Classical, Romantic,
    Modern) that demonstrate abilities in the areas of tone, technique, and interpretation. Your
    excerpt should be no longer than five minutes in length. 

How do I record my ensemble audition video?
Students have two options for recording their audition video:

  1. Record the scales, excerpts, and solo piece as one continuous video
  2. Record one video of scales and excerpts and a second video of the solo piece. The second video
    may be a pre-recorded performance. The two videos must then be edited together to form one
    single video.

The entire video should be no longer than 15 minutes in length.

In an effort to keep the audition process as professional and close to a live audition as possible, students may not edit the video in any way other than what is mentioned above. Students may not submit videos that consist of multiple takes edited together. Videos that have been edited will not be accepted and the student will be asked to resubmit their video.

You do not need to purchase a professional camera or recording equipment. A smart-phone or tablet camera is acceptable as long as the video and sound quality is adequate.

Lighting should be adequate and there should be no background noise or movement.

The student’s face, body, arms, and instruments should be fully visible and directly facing the camera. Do not position the camera below or above the student.

The student should dress in semi-formal, audition-appropriate attire.


How do I submit my ensemble audition video?
Once the audition video is prepared, it must be uploaded to The following information should be included in the title of the YouTube video:

  • Name, instrument, and ensemble of choice (ex: John Smith, Violin, Intermediate Strings).

MMYO strongly suggests that students set their video privacy settings to “unlisted” to prevent unwanted viewers. Click HERE to learn how to make your video unlisted.

The link to the YouTube video should be submitted by filling out the online registration form once it is made available by the MMYO administrator. There is a section at the end of the form where students may copy and paste the link to their YouTube video. Please double-check your video to make sure that the link WORKS by sending it to someone on a different device such as a private teacher or friend.

General Audition Information

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