Mainly Mozart Youth Orchestra Alumni Profile

Michelle Reed, flute

Class of 2015

MMYO Ensembles: Winds and Brass (now Concert Band), Advanced Orchestra

Favorite MMYO memory: 

I loved being in the advanced orchestra. Mr. Constantino is amazing, and I had a great time while also taking the experience seriously. We played some great music, and I really grew as a musician because of MMYO.

What did you learn during your time with MMYO?

Before MMYO, I was too shy to be expressive in my music, as I had only ever played in my school band (which was not very advanced). While I’m still shy now, being in MMYO with so many talented and expressive peers made me more comfortable and confident in expressing myself musically. It changed the way I perform, and I’m so grateful for the experience.

What have you been up to since you graduated from MMYO?

Attending Kenyon College, majoring in English. 

Are you still involved with music?

Absolutely. I play in my college orchestra, practice piano at least twice a week, and am in my third year of voice lessons. (I am also in a chamber singers group.)

Advice for current MMYO students: Work hard, but also have fun! Music is amazing, and the more you enjoy it, the more your audience will enjoy your performance.






MMYO Alumni – Michelle Reed

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