2018-19 Ensemble Audition Information

Registration Form is now available from August 18 through September 1, 11:59PM. Audition Results will be sent out via email on Tuesday September 4. 

Yearly online auditions are required for participation in all ensembles, excluding Suzuki Strings. All new and returning students must submit an online audition.

2018-19 Ensemble Audition Dates

For all RETURNING students: May 21 – June 4 11:59PM (PASSED)

For all NEW students: May 21 – June 4 (PASSED) OR August 18 – September 1

2018-19 Ensemble Audition Materials

There are no audition materials/auditions required for students interested in Suzuki Strings because it is an entry-level class. For more information about each of our six ensembles, CLICK HERE.

How does the online audition process work?

Your audition video should include THREE materials, in the order shown below:

  1. One excerpt from a solo piece of your choice, from any style (e.g. Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern) that demonstrate abilities in the areas of tone, technique, and interpretation. Your excerpt should be no longer than five minutes in length. 
  2. Required scales for the instrument of your choice
  3. Required excerpts for the instrument of your choice

How do I record my audition video?

Students have two options for recording their audition video:

  1. Record the solo piece, scales, and excerpts as one continuous video
  2. Record one video clip of the solo piece, and a separate video clip of the scales and excerpts. The solo piece video may be a pre-recorded performance. The two videos must then be edited together to form one single video.

The entire video should be no longer than 15 minutes in length. In an effort to keep the audition process as professional and close to a live audition as possible, students may not edit the video in any way other than what is mentioned above. Videos that have been edited will not be accepted and the student will be asked to resubmit their video.

How do I submit my video audition when it’s ready?

Once the audition video is prepared, it must be uploaded to YouTube.com. The following information should be included in the title of the YouTube video:

  • Name, instrument, and ensemble of choice (ex: John Smith, Violin, Intermediate Strings).

Some tips to remember while recording your audition video:

  • The student should dress in audition-appropriate attire.
  • Lighting should be adequate and there should be no background noise or movement.
  • The student’s face, body, arms, and instruments should be fully visible and directly facing the camera. Do not position the camera below or above the student.

MMYO strongly suggests that students set their video privacy settings to “unlisted” to prevent unwanted viewers. Click HERE to learn how to make your video unlisted.

How do I submit my video?

Once you have uploaded the audition video to YouTube, complete the steps below to submit your audition. 

  1. CLICK HERE TO PAY YOUR $60 REGISTRATION FEE ONLINE. All students are required to pay the registration fee before or at the time of their audition. You may also pay your tuition in advance if you prefer. We offer “Early Bird” discounts in May, June, and July. 
  2. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR ENSEMBLE AUDITION VIDEO (Link will be available from August 18 – September 1)

Audition Results

All students will be notified of their audition results within a few days after the June 4th deadline.

If a student does not fully qualify for an ensemble, we may recommend for the student to participate in a different ensemble OR a combination of two different ensembles.

For example: if the student auditions for Intermediate Orchestra but is not fully qualified, we may ask the student to play in Intermediate Strings instead. We might also ask the student to play in BOTH Intermediate Strings and Intermediate Orchestra. In that case, the student must play in BOTH ensembles and cannot choose to play in just Intermediate Orchestra since they are not fully ready for that ensemble. This applies to all ensembles excluding Suzuki Strings as that is a beginning level class.

If you are a winds, brass, or percussion student that auditions for and is accepted into Intermediate Orchestra, participation in both Concert Band and Intermediate Orchestra is mandatory.

Please email MMYO administrator Abigail Choi with any questions or concerns ([email protected]). 

2018-19 Ensemble Auditions

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